Earth Day should be Every Day

Being Earth and Health Smart is something we hear about every day.  Ways to save our bodies, save our planet, save our animals, you name it, someone wants to save it.  But not everyone knows where to begin.  Let AMS help shine some light on that for you 


We all try with the simple things we know about.  Recycle, Reuse, take a walk instead of drive, open the windows instead of using the AC, but we all know there is more that we could be doing.  I found a pretty fun list from American Home Shield's website.  It may be an older article, but that doesn't mean it is obsolete.  I found a few things I may try to get better at, and add to my "Save the Planet" to-do list.  So check these out, see what you may find for your own home and family. 

Earth Day dates back to 1970.  That means we have more than 50 years of notated earth consciousness.  Maybe it worked, this world is still turnin' 'round after all, isn't it?  I did get a good chuckle over this little fun fact.  Publicly we switched from paper bags in stores, over to plastic, so that we could save the rainforests.  Now plastic bags are causing much more damage.  But no one thought of that back then.  Just the other day, when checking out of a store, they were putting items back in paper bags.  I have been using reusable bags for years, but even I wonder if at some point those will be non- recyclable and fill landfills just like the plastic ones.  Maybe there is no cure for humanity, or many humanity will at some point get it just right. 

Let's Check out some things from the Article, shall we?

From saving the planet, to just some good old fashioned natural ways to have fun.

• Plant an organic vegetable or herb garden.

• Fix leaky faucets in your home to reduce water consumption.

• Make a bird feeder using a milk carton or pine cones.

• Mix up some earth-friendly cleaning solutions to replace commercial products.

• Visit a local farmers' market.

Celebrate Our Earth.

Want to look through some more ideas?  Just click the link below.




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