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We have heard it all.  We all try to do our part.  I spent a little time scouring the internet, for ways of helping this planet of ours, plus some ideas I have come up with on my own, all to help us all find ways of reducing not only our footprint, but also our monthly costs to run our houses and businesses. Some, most of us know, some, we could use a reminder, and some, are great ideas we may never even think of.

  1. Change your light-bulbs to energy efficient types.

  2. Don’t turn on your lights at all, for as long as you can — open your curtains and use natural light as long in the day as possible.

  3. Use dimming lights and fixtures to produce ambient light and use less wattage overall.

  4. Open windows in the home during daytime to let sunlight and fresh air come in.

  5. Reduce the usage of packaged food items, buy fresh or un-packaged when possible.

  6. Buying products in bulk reduces the amount of packaging needed.

  7. Re-purpose glass jars as leftover containers and bulk storage, especially in the kitchen.

  8. Use recycled products whenever you can. This includes printer ink, paper, cardboard, etc.

  9. Bring reusable dishes and utensils to the office with you.  Keep a mug there for your use rather than using Styrofoam cups and disposable plastic utensils.

  10. Keep eclectic, possibly second hand, dishes and utensils for parties rather than using disposable items when friends and family are over.

  11. Buy energy-efficient appliances in your home. There are many of them available and they can greatly benefit you!

  12. Invest in programmable thermostats. Set the thermostats at the proper temperatures.

  13. Fix leaky faucets. This includes the toilet and the sinks in the home. Even a small leakage can cause good amount of wastage of water.

  14. Instead of drinking bottled water, install a water cleaning system on your sink.

  15. Pay all of your bills online. This will not only save you time but will also help to reduce paper wastage.

  16. Shop eco-friendly. Tons of environmentally friendly products are sold.

  17. Do rainwater harvesting. Collect rainwater and use it to water your lawns and garden.

  18. Use a 2.5 or 5 Gallon bucket to collect the water run off when you warm up your shower.  That will feed most of your house plants even if you did so once per week.

  19. Buy vegetables that are grown locally. Not only will they taste better they also help you go green and reduce the use of paper, plastics and shipping material.

  20. Plant a simple backyard garden. Even small and easy to maintain will add plenty of benefits to you, and the environment.

  21. If you and or your neighbors have gardens or citrus trees, trade among each other for fruits and vegetables, or set your extra harvests out for others to enjoy.

  22. Switch to cloth diapers instead of disposables. Even if you use one cloth diaper a day that will result in 365 fewer disposables in the landfill each year.

  23. Take your vehicle into the repair shop for regular maintenance. This will reduce emissions and more.

  24. Turn on cruise control, especially if you are driving on a highway. Cruise control helps maintain fuel efficiency by helping your vehicle move at a constant speed.

  25. Reuse scrap paper. Print on both sides of the paper, or let your children use the second side for drawing and crafts, to reduce paper wastage.

  26. Try to put a cover on your pool when you are not using it. This will not only make the water cleaner, but it will keep it from evaporating.

  27. Involve yourself in making your city clean and green. Encourage everyone in your neighborhood to join or start a recycling program and buy Eco-friendly office products. 

  28. Use non-toxic cleaning products.

  29. Use cloth instead of paper to clean your kitchen. Re-purpose old towels and t-shirts and cut them into small cleaning cloths.

  30. Wash laundry in cold water instead of hot whenever possible.

  31. Before buying anything new, first check your local CraigslistFreecycle, or Buy Nothing groups.

  32. Line dry your laundry.

  33. Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels, or paper napkins.

  34. Clean off the dust that accumulates on the refrigerator coils. Cleaning it helps the appliance run more efficiently and use up less energy.

  35. Don’t charge your smartphones and tablets overnight! These devices typically only need a few hours to reach full battery.

  36. Get a laptop the next time you need to purchase a new computer. Laptops consume up to 80% less energy than desktop computers.

  37. Don’t throw dead batteries into the trash. There are proper ways of disposing batteries. For example, lithium-ion batteries used by devices like phones should be taken to a battery recycling center.

  38. Make sure Ceiling fans run in a fast counter-clockwise direction during the summer, and in a slow clockwise direction during the winter. Changing the fan direction helps with hot/cold air distribution.

  39. Adding Home insulation is a great way to improve the comfort of your living environment, while also reducing utility bills over the long-run.

  40. Get an attic, or whole house fan installed.  Pulling the hot air up and out can cool off the attic, and the house.

                      To see why a Solar Attic Fan may be right for you, Scroll Down!


An attic fan is installed in the attic and blows hot air out through a roof-level or gable vent. Outside air is pulled through roof and soffit vents, keeping the attic cooler. The theory behind attic fans is that they help prevent the transfer of heat from a hot attic to the living space below. The heat in an attic on a hot day can be 20 degrees Fahrenheit or higher than the outside temperature, and using an attic fan can reduce the temperature in the attic by at least 50 degrees and in the highest floor of the home by as much as 10 degrees. Also, lowering the attic’s temperature can extend the life of major housing components like mechanical devices, wiring, roofing, and framing.


Attic fans can also be used in the winter for different purposes. In cold climates where ice and snow are common, the use of an attic fan can pull moisture out of the attic to prevent mold and mildew from winter humidity. Also, pulling air through the roof and soffit vents can prevent dangerous ice dams from forming that will block moisture from draining off the roof. This water can back up beneath the shingles, causing rot to set in.



  • Lower Temperatures in Living Areas

    When the temperature outside reaches just 80 degrees, the temperature inside your attic could soar to a stifling 150 degrees. While attic vents do allow for some passive cooling, attic fans are much better at circulating the air and removing excess heat. If you run an attic fan during the hottest hours of the day, the temperature in your attic will drop by as much as 50 degrees. This helps keep the rest of your home about 10 degrees cooler.


  • Reduced Air Conditioning Costs

    When your home is kept 10 degrees cooler by an attic fan, your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Using an attic fan can reduce cooling costs by as much as 30%. Attic fans do not cost a lot to operate, and there are even solar-paneled options to further maximize your savings. In addition, since cooling systems don’t have to work as hard in homes with attic fans, they usually require less maintenance and tend to last longer.


  • Extended Roof Life 

    Attic humidity is a serious problem that can eventually compromise the structure of the roof. Attic fans help eliminate humidity, which extends roof life.

So to Summarize, Is a Solar Attic Fan right for your home?

  • Lowers the heat of attic air

  • Lessens heat in the home

  • Lengthens the lifespan of home components

  • Most effective in the hottest time of the day

  • Effective in hot weather

  • Dehumidifies and prevents ice dams in winter

  • Easier to install

  • Less expensive

                   For more opinions on the matter visit HGTV's site to read their article on Solar Attic Fans.

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