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AMS Roofing and Construction began because of the desire to offer our clients reliable, trustworthy and experienced roofing and construction techniques, far exceeding what is standard in the roofing and construction industries.  Beginning with the dream of creating a reliable company, we built that dream, and we have become one of the fastest growing roofing and construction companies in Southern California. 

The Meaning Behind the Name

Your roof, although many times not thought as such, is one of the most valuable and important assets you possess; not only for your building, but your overall peace of mind.

This is where AMS Construction's acronymn emanated from.  

Asset Management Services {AMS}


AMS cares about the management and servicing of your commercial and residential assets, attributed to your buildings.  AMS Construction is here to help you keep your roof, as well as all your other renovation processes in a condition that brings you peace of mind.

Committed to full customer satisfaction, AMS is extremely detail oriented towards each of our current and prospective clients individualized needs.  From our initial visit and our explanation of services and benefits, to the sustainable roofing and construction vision our customers are exploring, your expectations matter to us. 

Get to know us, and become a part of the AMS extended family.

With over 64+ years of combined experience in the roofing, construction and property rehab business, AMS's team is geared towards facilitating a fast, seamless and on budget construction project. 


With backgrounds in management, project facilitation, real estate, government contracts, construction management and accounting practices, our team is primed to help you fulfill your construction needs .


"Experience is one thing you can't get for nothing"      -Oscar Wilde

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